What Are Some Places to Buy Tronolane?


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It is possible to buy Tronolane at stores such as Walgreens and Walmart, according to their websites. Tronolane is also sold at the online retailer Amazon, reports Amazon.com.

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A 1-ounce package of Tronolane cream from Pharmapacks costs $6.88 on Amazon.com, as of 2015. This product comes with free shipping. Amazon.com also lists similar items and other Amazon retailers that sell Tronolane in different sizes and for different prices.

Walgreens sells a 2-ounce package of Tronolane cream for $9.99, states Walgreens. The company does not sell this item in is physical retail stores, so it must be purchased online. Walmart sells a six-pack of 1-ounce creams for $29.18, with free shipping, explains Walmart. It does not have any users reviews on the Walmart.com as of December, 2015.

Tronolane is a local anesthetic that contains paramoxine and zinc oxide, reveals WebMD. Relief from itching, and problems associated with hemorrhoids, are two uses of Tronolane. Tronolane may also treat pain and itching from disorders such as poison ivy, eczema or insect bites. Some side effects of this product are burning and stinging. If a person swallows this cream, it can be harmful, and it is important to contact a poison control center immediately.

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