What is Pisco Porton?


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Pisco Port��n is a premium brand of pisco liquor made in Peru at Port��n Distillery. Pisco is a brandy that is made from distilled, fermented white grapes.

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Distillers make Pisco Port��n in the oldest operating distillery in the Americas, Hacienda La Caravedo, established in 1684. It is located in the Ica Valley of Peru, about four hours from Lima. Distillers craft the Pisco Port��n by hand in small batches using traditional copper vats. They distill it to proof without the addition of water.

To make a true pisco, it is necessary to distill it from any of eight white grape species grown in specific regions of Peru and Chile. The accepted varietals are: Quebranta, Negra Corriente, Mollar, Italia, Muscat, Albilla, Torontel and Uvina.

Pisco is Peru���s national spirit. Peruvians and Chileans both claim that pisco was invented in their country.

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