Does Pink Eye Hurt?


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A person with pink eye may feel itchiness or a gritty feeling in the eye, and it may also have a burning sensation. Pink eye is another term for conjunctivitis, and its name is based on the pink or red color in the white part of the eye.

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The white of the eye and the inside of the eyelids are known as the conjunctiva. When inflammation and redness occur, the condition is referred to as conjunctivitis, or pink eye. There are a number of different symptoms that come with pink eye, including:

  • A pink or red color in the white of the eye
  • Swelling of the eyelid or conjunctiva
  • A discharge of pus
  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • Symptoms of a cold, flu or allergy
  • Tearing of one or both eyes

Because the symptoms of pink eye can mimic other issues, it is important to see a doctor for a diagnosis. Pink eye is highly contagious, and it is normally treated with a round of antibiotics. Physicians usually recommend those suffering from this condition remain at home for the first 24 hours of antibiotic treatment to avoid transmitting the germs to other children at school or coworkers. Until the infection is cleared up, one should avoid sharing towels or washcloths with other members of his or her family.

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