What Is a Pill Identification Wizard?


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A pill identification wizard, or pill finder, is a database that allows a user to find the name of a specific tablet by inputting information about its color and shape, according to Drugs.com. Letters or numbers imprinted on the pill are also used to determine the type of medication.

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Pill colors are chosen from lists or diagrams, Healthline and Drugs.com show. Sometimes they include both single hues as well as color combinations such as beige and red. Many shape options are needed, including capsule, six-sided, barrel and kidney. Pictures are often included to assist in shape selection. Users are sometimes able to input imprints from both sides of pills, if necessary.

In general, the more information the user enters, the more the wizard narrows down the possibilities, states Drugs.com. If a wide search is desired, minimum information should be keyed into the wizard.

Certain pill identification wizards allow users to request information based on drug names or drug codes, Drugs.com displays. Each over-the-counter and prescription drug in the United States has its own code of 10 digits divided into three groups. These identify the labeler, the product and the package size. In some cases, a finder also suggests popular searches for imprints or drug names, explains Healthline and Drugs.com.

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