Where Are There Pictures of Tongue Sores?


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WebMD is an online health company whose website many symptom addicts turn to for pictures of tongue sores, such as so-called lie bumps, or transient lingual papillitis. The site also illustrates one of the most common types of tongue problems, namely, canker sores, and a perhaps lesser known malady known as lichen planus, a rash characterized by lacy, white patches or red, shiny bumps on the tongue.

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Where Are There Pictures of Tongue Sores?
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A black, hairy tongue may not be pretty to look at, but this benign, pain-free condition is shown on the WebMD site to illustrate what happens when the bumps on the tongue trap bacteria.

Many symptom searchers visit the website of the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and research organization, to see pictures of tongue sores and to use its symptom checker. This photo-heavy health site shows pictures of maladies such as canker sores and explains that while these small, shallow lesions are typically associated with the gums, they may also appear on or under the tongue.

The MayoClinic and WebMD websites also have sections where users have submitted photos of their tongue lesions and are seeking diagnosis. While these forums or community sections usually aren't reviewed by the site's editorial staff, they do furnish images.

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