Where Do You Find Pictures of Gynecological Exams?


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Pictures of gynecological exams can be found online at websites such as Womens-Health-Advice.com, KidsHealth.org and TeensNParents.com. These websites have images depicting basic gynecological procedures, along with text describing the process.

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In an article on KidsHealth.org entitled "Pelvic Exams" that describes what to expect in this type of gynecological exam, there is a drawing depicting a patient on an examination table with a sheet over her lap, prior to the beginning of a pelvic examination.

Womens-Health-Advice.com contains both actual images and drawings of the steps in a routine pelvic exam. There is a photograph of the speculum exam, which shows the speculum being inserted into the vagina. There is also a drawing of a bimanual examination, as well as a drawing of a rectovaginal examination.

TeensNParents.com has many images containing the different steps involved in a gynecological exam. There are also images depicting the anatomy involved in gynecological exams, the tools involved and some abnormal exam results. Some images include the position patients are put in for an exam; a labeled cross section of the pelvic area; a labeled cross section of the pelvic area with a speculum inserted in the vagina as done during a pelvic exam; an image of a cervical culture being taken in order to test for cervical cancer; and what a healthy cervix looks like next to a cancerous cervix.

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