How Do You Find Pictures of Abnormal Skin Moles?


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As of September 2015, websites for the American Cancer Society, WebMD and National Cancer Institute exhibit pictures of abnormal skin moles. The American Cancer Society offers a skin cancer gallery with both cancerous and noncancerous skin growths. The section on melanoma has photos with several examples of atypical moles, notes the American Cancer Society. The accompanying descriptions explain the type of anomaly and location.

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WebMD presents a precancerous skin lesion and skin cancer slideshow. The segment on moles both illustrates and explains what a normal mole is, explains WebMD. It discusses how moles change over time. The display reports characteristics such as color, shape and size of potentially problematic moles.

The WebMD slideshow makes recommendations for self-examination of skin. In addition, the text describes how physicians evaluate irregular moles, notes WebMD. The final section, a primer on skin cancer, contains additional photos of cancerous moles.

The National Cancer Institute page on moles and skin cancer begins with pictures and descriptions of normal moles, focusing on color and size. The next section covers changes in size, color, texture and border that often indicate skin cancer. Photos and text explain common changes in moles that need to be checked by doctors. The concluding passage on melanoma contains pictures and information about appearance, diagnosis, risk factors and prevention, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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