What Are Some Physical Therapy Techniques for Injuries to or Pain in the Rotator Cuff?


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Stretching the front of the shoulders is necessary before attempting strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff, according to Healthline. The individual should stand in a doorway and place her hands in the inside of the frame at or below shoulder height, then lean forward through the doorway.

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The patient should stretch the front of the shoulders and take care not to overstretch an injured shoulder, reports Healthline. The back should remain straight as the patient's weight shifts over her toes through the doorway. The first recommended exercise is an external rotation; the individual lays on her side and locks the elbow of her injured arm to her side. The patient then rotates her injured arm so that the hand travels towards the ceiling from the floor. A light weight may be used in this exercise, and the patient should complete three sets of ten repetitions a day.

Another physical therapy exercise for an injured rotator cuff is a high to low row, adds Healthline. This exercise requires a therapy band attached to a wall or doorway at or above shoulder height. The patient then pulls the ends of the band down towards her chest, keeping her elbows back and towards the body. Another exercise requiring a therapy band is a lawn mover pull. In this exercise, the patient places one end of the band under her foot and pulls the other end to her ribs with the opposite hand.

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