How Does Physical Therapy Help to Relieve Foot Bursitis?


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Physical therapy helps to relieve bursitis of the heel by improving flexibility and strength around the ankle, claims MedlinePlus. This treatment not only helps the bursitis improve, but it also prevents it from returning.

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In addition to physical therapy, there are a number of other treatments for bursitis, explains MedlinePlus. Those with bursitis are advised to refrain from activities that may cause the symptoms to flare up. The heel should also be iced several times each day. The pain associated with bursitis may also be treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen. Over-the-counter or custom-designed heel inserts for the shoes may also help to relieve bursitis.

Another treatment for bursitis is ultrasound therapy, states MedlinePlus. This is done along with physical therapy and helps to reduce inflammation. If these treatment methods do not help to improve the bursitis, a doctor might also suggest a steroid injection. The injection is placed directly into the bursa, a fluid-filled sac under the Achille's tendon. Following this injection, the patient should refrain from too much activity as the bursa could rupture. Most people who develop bursitis see an improvement with treatment in several weeks. Those who are prone to bursitis can prevent it by ensuring proper form during exercise and proper stretching of the Achille's tendon.

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