What Are Some Physical Therapy Exercises for the Feet?


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While the best physical exercises for the feet depend upon the type of injury under treatment, many usually involve gentle stretching. About.com explains that gentle stretching of the foot often helps to alleviate the discomfort felt due to disorders such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, turf toe and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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About.com also suggests five easy exercises to stretch the structures of the foot: the Achilles stretch, the can roll, the long sitting stretch, the stair stretch and the toe stretch. The University of California, San Francisco's Synapse student newspaper also suggests stretching to treat plantar fasciitis. These stretches include the calf stretch and the plantar fascia stretch. In addition, a regular exercise routine can be supplemented with heel raises and toe curls.

Krisha McCoy at Everyday Health also makes a few suggestions for foot exercises for people dealing with bunions: the ball roll, picking up marbles, resistance exercises, stretching the big toe, toe flexing and contracting, toe stretches, towel curls and walking along the beach. In its considerations for physical therapy for foot ailments, Integrated Rehabilitation Services suggests that patients must tailor functional exercises to their individual activity levels as well as use manual therapy to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve function.

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