What Are Some Physical Therapy Exercises for a Broken Wrist?


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A good range-of-motion exercise for a broken wrist involves pushing the right hand forward with the fingers pointing down, slowly pulling the back of the hand and holding the position for a specific period, reports Scott & White Healthcare. The wrist extension exercise requires putting the hand on a table with the fingers pointing backward and the elbow slightly bent, straightening the elbow slowly, and holding the position for a specific period.

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Another range-of-motion exercise to perform during rehabilitation of a wrist injury involves bending the affected elbow to 90 degrees while standing or sitting, then rotating the palm upward until the movement causes a slight stretch inside the forearm, states Scott & White Healthcare. The patient should hold the position for a particular period as instructed by his physical therapist.

Range-of-motion and stretching exercises that help improve tissue flexibility and reduce pain in movements are good physical therapy exercises for a broken or fractured wrist, according to Scott & White Healthcare. Physical therapists recommend performing painless and gentle stretching exercises for 30 seconds or more.

With proper treatment and rehabilitation, most patients with a broken wrist, also called a distal radius fracture, can resume nonstrenuous activities within one to two months after surgery or removal of a cast, reports the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. They usually can perform strenuous activities after three to six months following their injuries.

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