What Are Some Physical Signs of Alcoholism?


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Physical signs of alcoholism include alcohol cravings, tremors in the morning after drinking, alcohol-related illnesses such as liver cirrhosis or alcoholic ketoacidosis, memory lapses after drinking, and adverse withdrawal symptoms. Other physical signs include hostile or violent behavior, neglecting personal hygiene and eating a poor diet.

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Alcoholics are unable to control the amount of alcohol they consume and regularly to drink increasing amounts of alcohol to get the desired effect. Drinkers may exhibit physical signs of intoxication both when drinking and when they are not. Withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, vomiting and nausea can manifest when drinkers don’t consume alcohol. They may get irritable when their ritual drinking time is disturbed. Others get violent, enraged and hostile when questioned about their drinking behavior.

Those who are intoxicated person are often unusually argumentative or passive. They may engage in conversations and commitments they do not remember the following day due to memory problems. Alcoholics often have a low propensity towards making sound judgment and paying attention, which makes them get hurt or hurt other people. Getting in trouble regularly leaves them with marks and scars on their bodies. Other external signs that indicate a person is intoxicated include body odor, as alcoholics typically have a smell of alcohol on their skin and breath. They may also have bloodshot or glazed eyes and flushed skin.

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