What physical changes do men experience around the time women go through menopause?


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Physical changes that men go through around the same time women go through menopause include increased body fat, decreased bone density, decreased energy levels and breast development. Other changes are decreased motivation and reduced self-confidence, according to Healthline.

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Doctors diagnose male menopause through physical examination, inquiry about symptoms, performing tests to rule out other diseases and blood tests that measure testosterone levels. Hormone replacement therapy relieves these physical changes; however, there is evidence that it worsens prostate cancer. Doctors recommend life changes, such as diet, exercise and antidepressants, to help cope with these changes. Diabetes also causes a decline in testosterone levels, states WebMD.

Testosterone levels increase when a man sexually matures. Disease and other health conditions lead to a drop in testosterone levels when a man is over 45 years old. Testosterone hormone fuels mental energy, physical energy and sex drive in men. It also maintains muscle mass and controls the flight or fight response. Low testosterone levels cause difficulty concentrating and insomnia. Weak and brittle bones are another symptom of loss of testosterone. Rare side effects of declining testosterone include reduced testicle size, tender breasts, loss of body hair and hot flashes. Testosterone levels decline by 1 percent annually after age 30, according to Healthline.

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