Are Photos of Lyme Disease Graphic?


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Lyme disease photos on both WebMD and MedicineNet are graphic in nature, although both sites offer some less graphic photos as well. Lyme disease results from infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium, according to MedicineNet. Ticks, which may carry the bacterium, spread it to humans via bites.

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WebMD’s slideshow of Lyme disease photos features a graphic photo of a tick burrowing into the skin. The longer the tick attaches itself to a human host, the greater the risk of disease transmission, notes WebMD. Other Lyme disease photos from WebMD show the bull’s eye rash caused by Lyme disease, pictures of limbs affected by the joint inflammation caused by the disease, and pictures of the tick species known to carry it. MedicineNet’s photos include a photo of an engorged tick and infographics related to the disease.

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