How Do You Persuade a Man to Get Treatment for a Male Yeast Infection?


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The seriousness of a male yeast infection and the importance of getting treatment can be used to persuade a man to get treatment. Yeast infections are uncomfortable and painful, and it is important for patients to get treatment to prevent them from re-infecting their partners, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Men should be made aware that even if yeast infections are common in women, they also occur in men, notes the National Health Service, UK. Men should get early treatment to avoid the worsening of the infection. In addition, men may be unaware they have a yeast infection until they are informed by their partners. Men should get a diagnosis and treatment for yeast infection if they have unprotected sex with infected partners, recommends Mayo Clinic.

Females are more susceptible to yeast infections than their male partners. However, males who have diabetes or prolonged use of antibiotics or steroids are also susceptible, reveals Urology Care Foundation. Men with symptoms such as sores on the genital area, burning feeling when passing urine, itchiness and irritation and discomfort during sexual intercourse should be persuaded to get treatment for yeast infections.

Treatment of male yeast infections is easy, and over-the-counter medications, such as Monistat, are effective, reveals Mayo Clinic. However, if the rash persists, patients should consult a doctor.

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