How Do You Know If the Person You Want to Marry Is Compatible With You?


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Look for signs to know if the person you are with is the right person to marry, such as having full trust in them, signs that they care about what you think and that they provide emotional support. The right person to marry is someone that understands you and accepts all of your qualities, good or bad.

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A good sign to look for in someone to marry is someone that cares about your opinions and what you think, but also has opinions of their own. You don’t want someone who simply agrees with everything you say, but they should listen to you and respect your opinions. Another good sign is someone who wants to work things out and try to solve problems in a calm, respectful way. A disagreement that always ends in a bad fight or with the other person always becoming defensive instead of listening might not be the right person.

Look for signs that the other person cares about your happiness and provides emotional support. They should encourage your choices and support your decisions and goals. Someone that is the right person to marry is affectionate, loving and forgiving. They do not insult or criticize, and they accept you as you are instead of trying to change you. This person shows that they accept and appreciate all of the good qualities and the flaws.

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