Where Is a Person to Go to Understand Carbs and Diabetes?


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WebMD and the American Diabetes Association are two sources containing information related to the relationship between carbohydrates and diabetes. Carbohydrates impact the level of insulin in a person's body at a given time. Diabetics need to pay specific attention to insulin levels to manage their condition.

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Fruits, sweets, milk, yogurt, bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetables are all foods that contain carbohydrates, as listed by WebMD. A person's digestive system breaks down carbohydrates faster than protein or fat, meaning carbohydrates have a more rapid impact on blood sugar levels. A diabetic should consider any medications and potential interactions with foods high in carbohydrates. Most foods contain nutrition facts that display the number of grams of carbohydrates in a given serving.

Starches, sugars and fiber are the three primary carbohydrate types, as listed by the American Diabetes Association. Starch is found in vegetables, dried beans and grains. Sugar includes both naturally occurring sugar and added sugars. Fresh fruits and milk contain natural sugar, whereas processed foods contain added sugars. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. This nutrient contributes to digestive health and assists with cholesterol regulation. Carbohydrates serve as the primary source of energy for the human body, as noted by WebMD. Diabetics should pay attention to each particular type of carbohydrate, as they all can cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

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