Why Does a Person's Eyeballs Twitch?

Some causes of eye twitching are insufficient sleep, stress and consuming caffeine. Certain eye issues can lead to eye twitches, such as dry eyes, an infection and blepharitis, notes WebMD. Some medications prescribed for epilepsy can also cause this symptom.

An eye twitch is an involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscle that causes it to move several times during a minute or so. The medical term for this condition is blepharospasm, states Healthline. If caused by factors, such as stress or caffeine consumption, the condition does not require treatment and resolves on its own.

In the case of eye issues that cause eye twitching, prescribed medications may be necessary for the condition, such as conjunctivitis or pinkeye. If this eye infection is caused by bacteria, then an antibiotic may be prescribed. Twitching caused by dry eyes may require artificial tears to correct the issue, suggests WebMD. Treatment options can depend on the specific ocular problem causing the symptom.