How Does a Person Lose Armpit Fat?

To lose armpit fat, a person must drop overall body fat levels (as a specific area of the body cannot be targeted in fat loss) and add strength training to tone the area, including the arms and shoulders, states and WebMd. WebMD also adds that focusing on diet can help to cut down the amount of calories that need to be burned in order to drop the weight.

Following these steps can give a person thin arms with beautiful musculature.

  1. Drop body fat levels
  2. The first step is to drop body fat levels by eating healthier food and eliminating poor food choices, says WebMD. To lose arm pit fat, a person has to drop the fat all over the body and the body will choose when it would like to take fat from the arm pit area. Try to eliminate all sugar and all bread while focusing on lean meats, vegetables and fruits, with nuts or seeds as a snack, writes WebMD.
  3. Add strength training
  4. Strength training will help to eliminate flab and provide definition in the armpit and arm area, says Exercises to try include bicep curls, hammer curls, cable curls, incline curls, bench presses, pull-ups, bent-over rows and shoulder presses for the arms. Other non-arm focused strength training can be added to increase the amount of calories burned throughout the body, leading to increased body fat loss.