How does a person know if they have fibromyalgia?


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Fibromyalgia is observed by certain signs and symptoms including deep muscle pain, morning stiffness, headaches, general body weakness, sleep problems, irritable bowel syndrome and tender points. To be sure whether an individual is suffering from this condition or not, the doctor will carry out a thorough review of the signs and symptoms first, according to WebMD.

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How does a person know if they have fibromyalgia?
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Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain throughout the body. It is commonly characterized by painful sensations in various areas that may include the arms, the neck, hips, back and legs. An individual with the condition is likely to experience morning stiffness and headaches. The condition may also cause abnormal pain during the menstrual cycle.

Other symptoms may include difficulty in sleeping, depression, anxiety, frequent desire to urinate, restless leg syndrome, painful sensation when urinating, difficulty in concentration, memory problems, sensitivity to light and temperatures.

The actual cause of this condition is not known. However, several factors that may heighten chances of getting the condition include family history, injury caused by repetition of the same activity, car accidents and infections or illnesses.

Treatment for the condition include symptom management, psychological support, sleep management, pain management and complementary therapy according to MedicineNet.com.

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