Why Is My Period Lasting Longer Than Usual?

period-lasting-longer-usual Credit: Vesna Andjic/E+/Getty Images

A hormonal imbalance, uterine fibroids and intrauterine devices are a few of the causes of prolonged periods, according to the Mayo Clinic. Adolescent and perimenopausal women are more prone to experiencing prolonged periods because of anovulation.

Without ovulation, the body doesn’t release enough progesterone to regulate the menstrual cycle, according to the Mayo Clinic. This imbalance may cause heavy and prolonged bleeding. Uterus abnormalities, birth control and medications can also extend the menstrual period. Moreover, some women have long periods for no known reason.

Left untreated, iron deficiency anemia may occur, according to Mayo Clinic. Women who experience prolonged bleeding should see a physician. Seeing a physician helps women deal with not only their menstrual cycle but also with potential pain and lifestyle limitations.