Why Is Your Period a Bright Red Orange Color?

A menstrual period with a bright red and orange color can be normal since the colors of menstruation vary throughout the cycle. Women can experience bright red periods as well as blood with a dark brown or black color, WebMD says.

Varying consistency and color of a menstrual period is no cause for alarm. A dark brown or black color toward the end of a menstrual cycle, which lasts from two to seven days is normal, suggests WebMD. However, abnormal periods that involve a heavy flow or large blood clots can indicate problems. A recent miscarriage or uterine fibroids, which are small, noncancerous tumors, can influence menstrual flow. Women who notice blood clots larger than a quarter or lumps of tissue in the blood should see a doctor.

Hormone changes can also affect periods. Menopause, drastic weight change, and recent pregnancies can influence the menstrual flow. Endometriosis, a condition in which uterine tissue is found outside the uterus, contributes to abnormal periods and heavy flows, WebMD asserts.

Most period irregularities, such as unusual colors, do not indicate serious problems. Still, consistent heavy flows can lead to anemia. Lightheadedness, abnormal fatigue, pale fingernail beds and fatigue are all signs of too much blood loss. Iron supplements can improve the condition, WebMD claims.