How Do You Perform Spiritual Fasting?

How Do You Perform Spiritual Fasting?

Perform spiritual fasting by deliberately removing all or specific food items from your diet for a predetermined period of time. Instead of eating, focus your energy on something else, using the hunger pains to remind you of why you are fasting.

  1. Choose what to cut out

    When choosing which food to fast from, it is best to start with something small and work up to fasting from all foods. The physical effects of immediately cutting all food sources without practice, especially sugar or fat, can cause headaches, fatigue and exhaustion.

  2. Decide how long to fast

    Begin by fasting for just one day, and observe how your body is affected. Some people have genetic tendencies to feel more negative effects of fasting than others, so before going multiple days without food it is important to take the time to see how your body reacts to make sure you fast safely.

  3. Focus on the reason for fasting

    Focus on the reason for the fast. This often means contemplating needs or requests, meditating or even just proving that you have power over your own body and exerting will power. A spiritual fast is never successful unless you are able to focus on the reason for it.