How Do You Perform a Self Myofascial Release?


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To perform self myofascial release, position a foam roller on the ground under the affected area, then slowly move the body back and forth over the roller until the muscle tension eases, explains Art of Manliness. When you locate a tender area, stop moving and allow your body weight to rest on the roller, reducing the tension by about 75 percent before continuing, instructs Sports Fitness Advisor.

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To perform self myofascial release on the abductor muscle, place the roller diagonally in the groan area and position the body face-down over it. For the hamstrings, position the body in a sitting position with the roller behind the legs and push the body back and forth with the arms, emphasizing rolling up from the knee toward the hips, according to Sports Fitness Advisor. To roll out the quadriceps, position the body in a face-down lying position with the roller under the quadriceps, forearms flat on the ground and body lightly supported by the toes. Maintain core control and roll all the way from the pelvic bone to the knee.

In lieu of a foam roller, you can use a professional trigger point release product or a ball such as that for lacrosse or baseball, suggests Art of Manliness. You can also use a yoga block or bolster to support yourself as needed.

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