How Do You Perform the Reverse Preacher Curl?


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Perform the reverse preacher curl by setting up your desired weight size on the bar, placing your arms over the arm bench, grabbing the bar in an overhand position and then lifting. Make sure that your hands and arms are shoulder-width apart when performing this exercise.

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  1. Place the weights on the bar

    Choose a weight size that you're comfortable with, and place the plates on each end of the bar.

  2. Adjust the seat

    Adjust the bench so when you sit on it, your underarms rest comfortably on the pad. Your shoulders should sit on the pad, and your arms should extend outward.

  3. Grab the bar

    Stand up, and take hold of the bar using an overhand grip. Make sure your thumbs are facing each other. If you can't reach the bar easily, repeat step two.

  4. Lift the bar

    Sit back down, and raise the bar slowly until it is in the vertical position. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then lower the bar until it is close to the bar rest but not touching it. Your elbows should be slightly bent and not fully extended. Complete as many repetitions as you can, making sure to rest for a few seconds before each lift.

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