How Do You Perform a Deadlift Correctly?


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To perform a deadlift correctly, place your feet halfway under the bar of the barbell, and lower your hips until your shins touch the bar. Then, grasp it using a double-overhand grip. While firmly gripping the bar, use your gluteal and quadriceps muscles to push yourself upright. Keep your back and neck straight as you lift the barbell, and then slowly lower the barbell to the ground.

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  1. Position your feet

    Place your feet at a comfortable width apart. Your feet should be halfway under the bar with your toes extended in front of the bar and the backside of your feet behind the bar.

  2. Lower your hips before grasping the bar

    Slowly lower your hips as if sitting down, and stop when your shins touch the bar. Grasp the bar firmly with both hands with an overhand grip. Make sure to face forward.

  3. Use your lower body to push yourself upright

    Make sure you’re steady and have a secure grip on the barbell. Use your gluteal and quadriceps muscles to push yourself upright into a standing position. Do not pull yourself up with your upper body muscles because this can cause strain and injury. Hold this position for a few seconds before lowering the barbell back to the starting position.

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