How Do You Get Perfect Looking Legs?


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Exercises to tone the legs, maintaining an active lifestyle, taking proper care of injuries, shaving smoothly and using a moisturizing self-tanner perfects leg appearance. Maintaining a healthy diet also maintains leg appearance.

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Taking any opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle is key for perfect legs. Exercises such as the chair bump squat, standing hip flexion plus extension, standing hip abduction, seated one-legged squat and step-up plus knee lift tone areas such as the core, hip flexors, gluten, quads and hips. Participating in activities such as running, horseback riding and even low-intensity activities such as gardening result in slim, toned legs.

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender help to fade bruising imperfections on the leg. Soaking a cotton ball in pure lavender essential oil and placing it on a scrape or bruise for two hours accelerates the healing of an unsightly leg bruise. While laser hair removal may be an option for some, smoothly shaving the legs with a large amount of lather from a gentle soap also effectively prevents leg cuts. The razor should glide upwards lightly several times instead of pressing on the leg. Applying moisturizing self-tanner to the legs right after a shower adds to the appearance of the leg by giving it color.

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