Why Do People Sneeze Twice in a Row?

Sneezing twice in a row is a bodily response to clear the nasal passageway, according to The Huffington Post. When excess irritants clog the nasal passageway, it usually takes more than one attempt to remove them, causing a person to undergo consecutive sneezes.

Sneezing is not limited to two consecutive expulsions. Humans can sneeze a number of times to cleanse their sinuses. Sneezing is a nervous system response resulting from the body's exposure to a foreign substance or environment, notes WebMD. More specifically, sneezing is caused by a variety of factors, including exposure to sunlight, allergens or even sexual activity. The gland that regulates sneezing is located in the lower brain stem, and after it is triggered, it causes the chest muscles to contract and throat muscles to relax.

Sneezing twice, or sneezing consecutively for that matter, is a natural bodily process. Sneezing does not stop the heart nor is it detrimental to a person's eyes, explains The Huffington Post. In other words, there is no reason to be alarmed by consecutive sneezes. However, a person can take certain measures to prevent sneezing. Breathing heavily out of the nose and even rubbing the nose are just some sneeze prevention measures.