Why Do People Need Vitamin C?


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Vitamin C fights infections and reduces harmful agents in the body, according to Fit Day. This vitamin builds cell walls that protect the body from heart attacks. According to How Stuff Works, vitamin C is helps keep the skin healthy.

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Fit Day further notes that vitamin C stops inflammation in the body. It is also an effective agent against autoimmune deficiencies. WebMD notes that vitamin C is not a cure for colds, but it is an effective deterrent against complications during illnesses, including lung infections and pneumonia.

How Stuff Works mentions that vitamin C is essential as the body produces collagen, a protein that strengthens blood vessels and makes the skin stronger. Vitamin C also slows the rate at which free-radical damage occurs thereby limiting drying and wrinkling of the skin. There is also research indicating that the vitamin is helpful in reducing skin damage from sunburn.

Fit Day adds that vitamin C promotes cardiovascular health in the body. According to WebMD, people who do not get enough vitamin C are more likely to die of heart failure than those who eat foods containing the vitamin, and these people have a longer lifespan. Vitamin C boosts circulatory health by preventing atherosclerosis, which damages the circulatory system. A diet that is a high in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of heart disease. Foods that have high doses of vitamin C include broccoli, red cabbage, oranges and kale.

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