Do People Fall Forward When They Faint?


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It is possible to fall in any direction when fainting, depending on which way the person was leaning and what part of their body loses muscle tone first, notes Kootenai Health and Mayo Clinic. Fainting happens when a person's blood supply is cut off from their brain for a brief moment and the brain loses consciousness.

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Most people only lose consciousness for a brief spell when fainting before returning to consciousness. In many cases, fainting has no medical reason and is related to a person feeling too hot, standing for too long or having an adverse reaction to another stimulus, such as blood. Most people will feel normal after a minute or two and will not have any lasting side effects, writes Kid's Health.

It can be dangerous for a person to faint while standing up because they may fall unnaturally on their head or may fall onto other objects or people, resulting in injury, states MayoClinic. If a person feels like he or she might faint, then it is best to sit down immediately. When someone faints while sitting, it is less likely that he or she will be injured in any capacity. If the fainting continues on a regular basis, then see a doctor.

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