Why Do People Eat so Much?


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People who overeat often do so because they are depressed, they want to reward themselves, they want to finish eating all of the food on their plate, they keep their favorite snacks always within reach or they rationalize out of the fact that they need to lose weight, according to Psychology Today. These are the most common reasons for overeating, but there may be other individual reasons for overeating such as personal stress and PTSD symptoms.

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For those who feel that they have to eat everything on their plate, consider instead boxing away what is left on the plate for a dinner later that evening or the next day. It is wasteful to eat more than is needed at a meal, and it can lead to frustrating as well as unhealthy weight gain, states Psychology Today.

Another reason, says Psychology Today, that many people overeat is because they rationalize and make excuses as to why they can overeat "just this once." A good solution for this problem is to make sure that the reason for weight loss and eating a healthy amount is kept at the forefront of the mind. Do this by putting the reason on note cards and setting them throughout the home.

Yet another reason for overeating is the keeping of dangerous, favorite snack items in the home. If a person knows that they love cheese and will eat cheese sticks until they are gone, then it may be best to buy them once a week and to not keep them in stock in the home, according to Psychology Today.

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