How Do You Get a Penpal From the Military?

How Do You Get a Penpal From the Military?

The easiest way to find a military pen pal is via the Internet. While some sites offer ways to connect with prospective romantic partners who serve in the military, others offer to be a link between civilians and service people who want a truly platonic relationship.

A care package or a letter can brighten a soldier's difficult days in service, and the connection the soldier can establish with a virtual friend is priceless.

In the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever to find a military pen pal. The web site "Random Acts Of Kindness" points to Adopt A Soldier as the primary resource for locating a service member who is eager to communicate with and gain support from a caring civilian. Adopt A Soldier is a nonprofit organization that's sole goal is to connect service people with civilians who are willing to be a link to the outside world through traditional mail or virtual means.

When specifically looking for love, is the ideal place to find a pen pal. In fact, a section of the site is dedicated to connecting prospective partners through snail mail. This web site may be the best avenue for people who prefer to see the photos and background details of the prospective soldier they may grow to love.

For a no-frills approach to finding a military pen pal, go to Operation Shoebox's web site and fill out a simple form with your contact information and a message to a service member. With this approach, a specific pen pal can't be chosen, but rather Operation Shoebox makes the connections at random. As an alternative to traditional mail, this organization puts a digital spin on the correspondence by linking interested parties via email.