What Does a Pelvic Ultrasound Show?


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A pelvic ultrasound shows the organs and other structures in the pelvis, according to WebMD. In females, this includes the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix, while in males it depicts the seminal vesicles and prostate gland.

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Fluid-filled or solid organs show up best with an ultrasound examination, WebMD explains. There are three basic types of ultrasound, and each visualizes different structures in the pelvis. The most common type of ultrasound is a transabdominal ultrasound. Passing a transducer over the abdomen, health care professionals can check for uterine growths called fibroids. Health care professionals evaluate fetal growth and position using ultrasound.

A transrectal ultrasound checks male organs for disease, and physicians can perform a biopsy at the same time. A ultrasound performed transvaginally checks for fertility problems in women. It is possible to visualize the uterine interior after filling it with fluid using this ultrasound format. If necessary, physicians perform tissue sample extraction from the uterus for biopsy during this procedure

An ultrasound enables evaluation of specific organs, such as the bladder, if persistent hematuria exists. Another common use is to determine if the bladder empties completely after urination by reviewing bladder images taken by ultrasound prior to and following urination.

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