How Do You Get Pecs Fast?


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Training the pectoral muscles rigorously and frequently using resistance with a myriad of different chest exercises is the fastest way to build pectoral muscles, according to muscleandfitness.com. Compound exercises help to strengthen pectorals while working multiple muscle groups.

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An effective chest exercise is the barbell bench press, as this act incorporates the chest muscles, according to muscleandstrength.com. The barbell bench press is also a compound exercise, meaning it helps train other muscle groups, such as the shoulders and triceps.

In order to emphasize the upper portion of the pectoral muscle, an individual can place the head portion of an adjustable weight bench on an incline and perform repetitions from this position. The opposite is true if emphasising the lower pectoral muscle as the primary target area. In order to target the lower chest muscles, adjust a weight lifting bench that is manufactured with an adjustable feature to a decline position, and perform repetitions.

Dumbbell flies are another exercise that stretch the pectoral muscles more than a rigid, flat barbell can because the barbell limits the range of motion possible, while also limiting the micro fibers in the muscles that can be broken down and repaired upon rest, a process that aides in growth of the chest muscles.

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