Are Paula Deen Pound Cakes Healthy?


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Paula Deen's Mama's Pound Cake is relatively high in fat, sugar and cholesterol, and relatively low in fiber, protein and various vitamins and minerals. Consume the cake in moderation.

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Paula Deen's pound cake is mainly composed of fat and carbohydrates, making it a good source of energy. A 103-gram serving of this cake contains 382 calories and 16.3 grams of fat. This is equal to 25 percent of an average person's daily required fat intake. Nearly 7 grams of the fat in the pound cake is saturated fat, equal to about 33 percent of an average daily requirement.

A serving of Paula Deen's pound cake contains about 5.3 grams of protein and is very low in sodium. However, the cake is also quite high in sugar, with about 30.8 grams per serving.

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