What Are a Patient's Limitations After Having a Kidney Stent Inserted?


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A patient that has had a kidney stent inserted will be able to eat normally and to have sex normally (if there is a thread attached to the stent then there cannot be any sex), but the patient will need to avoid heavy lifting, jogging, prolonged lying down or sitting and climbing the stairs, according to John Hopkins Medicine. After approximately one week, the patient may be able to engage in more strenuous activities if approved by the doctor.

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Kidney stents are known to be painful, particularly in the groin and genital region as well as near the bottom of the abdominals, reports Lawrence Urology. When urinating, the pain may be especially intense. The pain will get better as time passes, but doctors will also prescribe medication to help patients deal with the pain.

Most kidney stents are left in the patient's body for a period of a week, but there are some patients that need kidney stents for longer periods of time, according to the Ohio State University's Department of Urology. For these patients, the stent will be changed every three months. The removal process for the stent is simple and will take no more than a minute. It does not involve sedation and instead merely uses a numbing gel.

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