What Are Some Patient Education Ideas for Diabetes Handouts?


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Diabetes teaching plans cover a variety of topics vital for coping with the illness, including general information about the disease, self-care methods, exercise, nutrition and its relationship to other diseases, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Patient education materials typically cover how doctors make a diagnosis, the disease's signs and symptoms, preventative measures, and treatment options, including medications.

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Diabetes teaching plans regarding self-care include information about blood glucose monitoring as well as foot assessment and care, as detailed by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Patients need to learn how to use blood glucose meters to keep track of their blood sugar levels throughout the day. They also need to learn how to handle hypoglycemic episodes, which result from low blood sugar levels, and hyperglycemic episodes, which result from high blood sugar levels. Patient education about diabetes often includes information on the health benefits of exercise and ways to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.

Because of the association between Type 2 diabetes and obesity, health care providers often educate patients about the importance of losing weight and how to make healthy changes to their diets, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Finally, diabetic teaching materials typically cover how having diabetes is associated with other health problems and how to reduce the likelihood of developing complications. These health problems include infection, high blood pressure, heart disease, vascular disease and decreased kidney function, as Johns Hopkins Medicine explains.

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