Is Pasta Bad for You?


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Pasta is not a bad food to eat, although monitoring portion sizes is important. Pasta provides carbohydrates that the body needs for energy, and wheat pasta is a healthier option for dieters who wish to lose weight.

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Certain types of pasta can pose complications for people who suffer from certain conditions. For instance, pasta that contains gluten can be a problem for people with celiac disease. Wheat-based pasta contains more fiber than the standard type, and it keeps the stomach full because of its higher fiber content.

Eating whole-grain foods, such as wheat pasta, can lower the risk of such ailments as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Refined pasta is not as healthy because it contains white flour, and the nutrients added to the food are synthetic in nature. However, refined pasta contains semolina, which is a protein source. Regardless of the pasta type, the food is naturally low in calories and fat.

Pasta with vegetables and a lighter sauce is a better alternative than meals of the processed variety, which contain high amounts of sodium and fat. Macaroni and cheese is an example of a meal that can be detrimental to a person's health. Using tomato sauce instead of a cream-based sauce is an option for those wishing to lower their calorie intake.

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