What Is Passing Blood in the Urine a Symptom Of?


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Blood in the urine is a symptom of an enlarged prostate, consumption of certain medications and various kidney conditions, according to WebMD. Formally known as hematuria, this condition can also result from vigorous exercise or sports injuries.

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An enlarged prostate may trigger visible or microscopic blood in the urine, an increased urge to urinate and trouble urinating, explains Mayo Clinic. Similar symptoms occur when bladder and kidney infections are present. Patients may feel painful urination and observe blood in the urine with both urinary tract and kidney infections. Severe pain is often felt with bladder and kidney stones, which can also cause hematuria.

Other causes of blood in the urine include injuries and medications, such as Cytoxan and penicillin, notes Mayo Clinic. Strenuous exercise may cause trauma to the bladder that results in hematuria, while direct blows to the kidney can also result in bloody urine.

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