What Are Some of the Parts of the Female Reproductive System?

The ovaries, uterus, vagina and fallopian tubes are the major internal organs in the female reproductive system, according to WebMD. The labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and Bartholinメs glands make up the external portion of the reproductive system.

Ovaries are oval-shaped sacs that store eggs and produce hormones, states MedicineNet. A femaleメs ovaries typically hold 1 to 2 million eggs, and roughly 300 of them mature during and after puberty. The ovaries are connected to the fallopian tubes, which are narrow passageways that allow eggs to pass from the ovaries to the uterus, a hollow organ located near the pelvis. During ovulation, a mature egg attaches to a wall in the uterus, or womb, but the tissue lining sheds as part of the menstruation process when no sperm is available to fertilize the egg. The cervix, or lower uterus, is connected to the vaginal cavity, also known as the birth canal. The cervix opens when necessary to allow sperm to reach the uterus, drain vaginal waste and enable childbirth.

The labia majora are the fleshy skin flaps that enclose and protect the vagina, while the labia minora are two smaller folds inside the labia majora, explains WebMD. The clitoris is a sensitive structure shielded by a protective fold known as the prepuce and covered by the outer labia. Bartholinメs glands help protect the reproductive organs by secreting a lubricating mucosal fluid.