What Are the Parts of an Aerobic Septic System?


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There are twelve different parts in an aerobic septic system. They are the aerator, air supply line, inlet, tee assembly, pre-treatment tank, aeration/mixing compartment, air drop line, air diffuser, clarifier, outlet assembly, chlorinator, float valve and finally the pump tank.

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Aerobic systems first bring in wastewater and effluent. These come together in the pre-treatment tank. In this tank grease, oils, toilet paper and other solids are caught. The next step is the aeration chamber. The previously mentioned debris should not be allowed to get into this chamber because too many solids can clog the system.

Once the wastewater enters the aerobic chamber, the air is compressed and put into the chamber to encourage beneficial bacteria growth; the application of good bacteria gets rid of more of the solids. However, because the bacteria does not break down all of the solids, the water next moves into the clarifying chamber. The clarifying chamber allows the rest of the solids to settle. The water then moves into the pumping chamber where it receives treatment with unstabilized chlorine. When the water level becomes high enough, a float valve senses that it is time to signal the pump for a discharge of the water into the absorption field.

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