Does Parotid Swelling Require Surgery to Treat and Correct?


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Surgery may only be required if the tumors are malignant and benign, as stated by WebMD. Radiation may be used to prevent the recurrence of benign tumors, while cancerous tumors will need chemotherapy and radiation. Large cysts will need a surgical operation for correction and treatment.

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The cause of the swelling is one important factor in determining if a surgery is necessary. Surgery may also be recommended if other alternative options fail to clear up the swelling. However, most infections of the salivary gland may not need a surgery. Recurring and chronic conditions are the only that may require surgical procedures, according to Healthline.

For mild swelling, home treatment measures are usually recommended. These include drinking a mixture of water and lemon daily, massaging the parotid gland and washing the mouth using warm salty water. Antibiotics may be prescribed to control swellings cause by bacteria infections. The doctor will have to check for additional symptoms before recommending a treatment option.

Swelling of the parotid gland can occur for several reasons, including a bacterial infection, injuries, viral infection, cysts and cancerous tumors. A diagnosis is necessary in order to know the main cause before treatment. An infected parotid gland is usually referred to as parotitis.

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