What Is the Parasite Cleanse for Candida?


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The Candida cleanse is a diet that some believe can cure a Candida infection in the body, but there is no scientific evidence that this cleanse works, according to Mayo Clinic. Candida is a fungus that also causes conditions in the body such as oral thrush, which causes a white film to grow inside the mouth, throat and tongue.

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The Candida cleanse diet advocates only eating food that does not include white flour, sugar, cheese or yeast, as practitioners believe that these foods promote the growth of Candida, explains Mayo Clinic. People may attempt this cleanse when feeling fatigue, poor memory or headaches. Since there is no scientific evidence to support this, as of 2015, many conventional medical professionals doubt that this cleanse has validity.

When eliminating these foods from the diet, however, many people begin to feel better, states Mayo Clinic. When eliminating white flour and sugar, for instance, people eliminate most unhealthy foods, which tend to be high in calories and lower in nutritional value. Generally, within a couple of weeks of replacing these foods with fresh foods, including replacing white flour with whole grain flour, people begin feeling better. This, rather than limiting the growth of yeast in the digestive system, is probably why the individual begins to feel better.

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