Are Pancreatic Cysts Dangerous?


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Some pancreatic cysts are dangerous. Although most pancreatic cysts are small, benign and asymptomatic, some are precancerous or cancerous, states MedicineNet. Rarely, pancreatic cysts can cause blockage of bile ducts, high blood pressure of the splenic vein/portal vein, rupture or hemorrhage, and infection leading to pancreatic abscess, explains Cleveland Clinic.

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Are Pancreatic Cysts Dangerous?
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All pancreatic cysts require monitoring, either using a CT scan or endoscopic ultrasound, advises Mayo Clinic. If a cyst grows large or causes symptoms, such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, a doctor may drain it. Surgical removal is an option for cysts that cause pain or pose the risk of cancer.

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