What Is Pamabrom Weight Loss?

According to Drugs.com, pamabrom is a diuretic that aids weight loss by increasing urination. It is also commonly used for bloating, assorted menstrual symptoms and puffiness.

Diet.com states that pamabrom is chemically related to theophylline, which is a product of caffeine. It is commonly combined with acetaminophen to produce premenstrual treatments, such as New Tylenol for Women.

Weight loss associated with pamabrom is caused by a loss of water weight, according to Drugs.com. Individuals who have issues with bloating or premenstrual weight gain might find pamabrom to be an effective weight loss tool. According to Drugs.com, individuals considering pamabrom should discuss the diuretic with their doctor before using it. It can be harmful for individuals with kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure. It may also have deleterious effects on pregnant women and unborn babies.

Drugs.com warns individuals against taking pamabrom more often than directed. The most common dosage is one tablet four times a day. The diuretic should cause more urination than is normal. If you notice an increase in urination, it is a sign that the pamabrom is taking effect.

According to Drugs.com, some people have allergic reactions to pamabrom. If a person notices breathing difficulties, swelling or hives while on pamabrom, the medication should be stopped immediately.