Is the Paleo Diet Good for Everyone?


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No, the paleo diet is not good for everyone; it is a highly restrictive diet that requires the consumption of a lot of meat, which is unacceptable for vegetarians and vegans and not such a good idea for individuals who already have high cholesterol. The people who successfully follow the paleo diet may feel good about their choices, and the diet may indeed work for them, but in general, experts seem to agree that the paleo diet is not a good diet option for most people. The paleo diet has been criticized for being based on faulty assumptions and inadequate research.

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Is the Paleo Diet Good for Everyone?
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The paleo diet's basic principle is that the modern diet relies on food sources that are not ideal for meeting human nutrition and energy needs. While this gets at something that most experts will agree on, that doesn't mean that the paleo diet is the right solution. The paleo diet requires followers to avoid items such as dairy products, sugars and grains, and focus heavily on eating lean meat, vegetables and some fruits, which they say reflects the diet of humans during the Paleolithic era, prior to the advent of industrial food production and widespread agriculture. This is a diet that excludes many people who cannot afford to buy such large quantities of meat.

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