What Is Paleo-Diet Food?

What Is Paleo-Diet Food?

Paleo diet food does not contain high volumes of starches or carbohydrates; the primary focus is on meats and eggs as well as vegetables dieters can eat raw. Paleo diets typically include foods that Neanderthals were able to hunt and gather, which means dieters should avoid grains.

Meats, fish and eggs form the staple components of the Paleo diet. While opinions vary between experts, some believe dieters should focus on lean meats only. Most people agree that dieters should aim for organic meats, which means the animals that the meat comes from have had access to natural food sources during their lifetime.

Non-starchy vegetables are encouraged, but beans and legumes are not, according to Paleodiet.com. This means eating vegetables like kale and spinach, but not potatoes and carrots. Opinions vary, but some Paleo experts state dieters should avoid green beans. Fruits are also classed as Paleo foods, says Men's Fitness.

Paleo dieters can get fat and protein from sources other than meat and fish. This includes nuts, although they must limit their intake to 4 ounces a day. Oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are allowed.

Foods that are forbidden on the Paleo diet usually feature processed sugars and starches. Grains are not allowed, which means avoiding bread. While the diet encourages meat, it does not allow processed types, such as bacon and sausages. In addition, dieters cannot eat dairy, but they can use substitutes like coconut or almond milk.