What Is a Painless Method of Earwax Removal?


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A painless method to remove earwax is ear irrigation, although a person may experience a strange feeling when the water is surged around the ear canal. A doctor may recommend ear irrigation when there is earwax buildup and ear drops have failed to clear up the accumulation. It involves using pressurized water to remove the earwax.

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An electronic ear irrigation device is used rather than a metal syringe to avoid causing any injury to the ear. The device has a pressure setting to allow the doctor to regulate the squirting of water. The water temperature used during the procedure is similar to a person's body temperature. During the procedure, the doctor will have to hold the ear at different directions to ensure that the water removes the earwax effectively. An equipment called auriscope may be used to look inside the ear to determine if the earwax is being removed.

In case a person feels pain or dizziness during the procedure, he or she needs to tell the doctor. This may be an indication of an ear infection, which may require further investigation. However, ear irrigation is not recommended for every patient. The doctor will be able to determine if a person qualifies to undergo ear irrigation, as stated by the National Health Service.

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