What Pain Treatments Work Best for Poor Leg Circulation Caused by Diabetes?

Some of the best treatments for diabetic nerve pain associated with poor leg circulation include walking, controlling blood sugar levels, using warm water treatment and taking pain relievers, advises WebMD. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is the term used to describe nerve damage resulting from high blood sugars and poor circulation.

One of the best treatments for leg pain due to peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation is regular exercise, especially walking, according to WebMD. In fact, there is evidence that walking regularly helps to heal damaged nerves and improve circulation. Furthermore, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar is another one of the major methods to treat leg pain. High blood sugar is what hardens the arteries in the legs and damages the nerves, so reducing sugar helps to manage the pain.

Warm water can soothe leg pain as well as open up the blood vessels and encourage circulation, states WebMD. However, the water temperature should be checked using an arm instead of the feet, as the poor circulation and numbness of the feet and legs makes it difficult to determine appropriate temperatures. A diabetic should get a full dose of B vitamins per day either in healthy food or as supplements. B vitamins keep nerves healthy and can control pain. There is also some evidence that using botanical oils and alpha-lipoic acid help to soothe the pain.