Is Pain From a Tooth Implant in Tooth 30 Caused by a Nerve Problem?


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Dental implants in any tooth, including tooth 30, can cause pain and nerve damage, according the BBC. However, as of 2015, only about 1 percent of implant surgeries cause nerve damage.

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Dental implant surgery can cause nerve damage because the implant itself is the equivalent of a tooth root, explains BBC. It is fastened into bone in which nerves are located, risking possible nerve injury. The artificial tooth is then attached to this artificial root, making it more stable and sturdy. However, pain following an implant surgery is perfectly normal, informs Mayo Clinic. Patients can also experience swelling, bruising and minor bleeding. Often, these issues are treated with antibiotics and pain medications, and treatment can last for several days.

Some risks other than nerve damage that can occur due to dental implant surgery include infection, damage to other teeth and sinus problems, states Mayo Clinic. However, these complications are rare. This surgery usually takes several months to perform, especially if the patient has insufficient jawbone in which to anchor the implant. The dental surgeon grafts bone into the area, and then the bone is allowed time to heal. Once embedded, more time must be given for the bone to heal around the implant before the crown is added.

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